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Friday, November 14, 2008

So close but so far

I was about to complete my Baby Surprise Jacket and then I ran out of yarn about 40 or so stitches from the end. I'm so mad because I'm completely out of the pink color. Luckily I have another ball on order from Knit Picks and hopefully I'll get it soon. So sad, I really want to seam this one up this weekend. But you have to move on so I've put the stitches on a holder and I guess I'm going to cast on the second Baby Surprise Jacket tomorrow. 

This one is for Carl's nephew, Tommy, and will be made in cream and red. Because they live in Argentina I want to pick up some little soccer ball buttons for his sweater. Now I only have to figure out what kind of buttons to put on Violetta's sweater? Maybe I can run to Joanns when I'm at home this weekend and see what they have.

Now its back to relaxing! Oh and, 7 MORE DAYS TILL TWILIGHT!!!

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