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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Computer

Carl finally had enough the time to bring the computer to the fixer people at the end of the week last week. They took a look at it and the motherboard was all fucked up so that needed to be replaced and the power cord was shot so that needed to be replaced too. Together with parts and labor it was going to cost us $600. We decided to let them fix the computer since it cost us about $900 and we'd have to pay $300 more to replace it. Today I get an email from Carl informing me that the motherboard is fixed but the LCD screen is fucked up. It wasn't fucked up when we brought it in but apparently now its fucked up. Its going to cost another $300-500 to fix the LCD. So we're already in the hole $600 for problem #1 and now we have to decide whether we pay for the screen and spend nearly $1,100 on repairs or buy a new computer which would put us in the hole $1,500. We're opting for the $1,100 option. We still think the computer people fucked up the screen themselves because it worked fine before we shut it down and brought it in. But what can you do. I got to say, when Carl breaks something he REALLY breaks it.
Happy Monday!


ekgheiy said...

Wow - that sucks!

That's a tough decision. I'd probably opt for a new one to make myself feel better. Haha.

Do the repair guys warranty their work to any degree? I certainly hope so! ;)

loopykd said...

Argh! That's so frustrating! Good luck!

Jovi said...

ugh, that sucks :( i'd opt for a new one too, if that's possible.