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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I think its back!

My knitting mojo that is! I think the weeks of working (or avoiding working) on Dad's sweater sucked a lot of my knitting mojo out of me. It's been hard for me to knit since its completion. Then I went to The Point on Sunday for their SuperBowl Sale and I was inspired to knit again. I bought some gorgeous alpaca yarn that I plan on turning into my second sweater design. I also got some sock yarn because its like a yarn shopping prerequisite. I got home Sunday and started feverishly working on the jacket I was designing when I went to the design class with Stefanie Japel. I really want to finish it so I can a) show it off and b) move on to my next design. I hope to write up the jacket pattern and either sell it or give it away for free on ravelry. Once I'm done with the jacket I can move onto the alpaca sweater. I'm so excited you have no idea!
In other news, I received the best comment ever about the shop last night. I had a customer send me this: "I have one of your superwash merino rovings in sunset and i adore it- its one of the best merinos I've spun...I am sooo in love with your merino! it's crazy, i kinda hated merino before i spun yours. and i've spun some well known indie dyers, too." It made me smile. Sometimes I feel like I dye in a bubble. I spend hours letting my creative juices flow and then I post them in the shop for the whole world to see and critique. I'm always worried that people are going to hate what I do or think my products are inferior or something like that. And then someone sends me a message like that I just can't help be smile. They really brightens my whole day.
Oh and I have a random question for you, when did the handle-bar mustache become a decorating item/pop culture symbol? Seriously, go to etsy and search mustache and I bet you find over a 100 things with a mustache on it from jewelry to shirts. I don't mean to knock anyone's products I just don't know when or where this started. Seriously, where did it come from?


choo choo knits said...

My dad had a handle bar mustache back in the 70s. One day he shaved half of it off. My sister and I were about 7 and 5 at the time. We asked him to put it back on. Looking back now it's a cute story - but the mustache, eh, not so much

Anonymous said...

I think it came from Hipsters. They are big fans of the ironic mustache.

Eliza said...

I have been a bad spinner and am still working my way through some old roving. I can't wait to try yours!! It's next up!!