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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wasted Sunday

I went home to dye yesterday but my order from my distributor didn't arrive till I had to be on the road to my Dad's. Carl came with me and we drove up to CT to see Dad. The plan was to stay the night at Dad's and then drive Carl back into the city so he could work and then I was going to come back to Mom's and do a marathon dyeing day. Good plan right? But alas, at 10:30 last night I started to get really sick by 10:45 I was praying to the porcelain god. And it continued till the morning. The hour and a half drive from Dad's to my apartment was the longest drive I've been on in a while. But I'm home and I'm spending my day watching a Rock of Love marathon and trying not to get sick again. 

BUT I finally gave Dad his sweater and he loved it. Ok back to lying down...I hate whoever gave this to me.


Jo said...

Ooh, the sweater looks great! I'm considering undertaking a sweater for my dad for Father's Day. (Except I'm thinking sweater vest.)

Sarah said...

Feel better Hon!!!! The flu is the worst!!

I miss you lots... I need to come lounge on your sofa and drink that lemoncello we made!

Eliza said...

That sucks!!!

The sweater looks great. How did he like it?

I got the Namaste bag. I love it though I'm not sure why it's billed as a knitting bag...

choo choo knits said...

It looks great...come on and smile for us Daddy O!!!

Feel better! And Karma will get those that got you sick...seriously :o)