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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bang Bang

You're dead Ms. Jackson from Reno, NV!

My Sock Wars socks are done and DHL is picking them up and sending them out! I succeed in killing someone before getting killed. I'm happy and I never want to knit these socks again. I feel bad for my target though. I didn't kitchner the 36 sts left on each toe and did a three needles bind off to save time. They're kind of ugly but the rules say you need to finish them not you need to finish them AND have them be pretty.

I have pictures and stories and all kinds of fun things but those will have to wait.

YAY! I killed someone woooo!


Anonymous said...

Your assassin is just as quick. They are on their way. You will not be alive much longer. I did kitchner your toes. Bwa ha ha!

Brena said...

Woot! Very impressive!

soknitpicky said...

Oh wow! This is pretty exciting!

Code Purl said...

Congratulations on your first kill!

Queen of the froggers said...

Well done!

kiwilynnj said...

My husband just walked in with a big smile on his face and said "I think you've just been killed". All the yarn for a lovely alpaca cardigan I should be making him is sitting in my knitting basket, so I'm sure he smiling because my focus will shift back to "his" project.

Thanks for the socks I like the shades very very much. What yarn did you use?

Don't worry about the finishing I actually did the 3 needle bind off as well, but turned each sock inside out first. These were only the 2nd pair of socks I've ever made and have never grafted.

I did get my target, so yay we both got to kill someone!

Anonymous said...

Now I have to figure out who is the next person that should be taken out. Back to the website to find out who else has been killed in our line.