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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've been found out!

Carl's weird stomach ailment flared up again yesterday and he stayed home from work. I think he should see a nutritionist because I swear this is all diet related but I'm getting off topic. Carl cannot sit still and gets bored very easily so if you leave him home alone for a while he will clean the entire apartment. This is usually really nice but yesterday he did something he never does, he cleaned up my stash! I got home and the basket looked suspiciously tidy but I said nothing. Later, over a glass of wine, he broke into his speech. I guess I had done a really good job hiding all my purchases till now because the boy was floored by the quantity of yarn stuffed into and around the basket. Honestly, I don't think my stash is that bad. I know knitters with a lot more yarn but that argument did not help me. I am now banned from buying any more yarn until I actually make a dent in what I have. I also got a little lecture about how I cannot start decorating with yarn. I never brought up the subject but I was thinking about it. Sometimes its really annoying that we're so connected, I swear he can read my mind. So I guess that yarn diet really has to happen. This really stinks. And I just figured out that if I order from The Loopy Ewe once a week the craptasticness of work seems to magically disappear. Of course the danger of that plan is that I could end up broke with more sock yarn then anyone could knit up in two lifetimes. Though I could always build a little fort out of the yarn and live in it. The wool would keep me warm!


Eliza said...

ah! It's gotten to that point!
I have gone on a self-imposed yarn diet, since I feel like I spend more on yarn than anything else, and am not making a dent in it. I have to say, the diet isn't so bad. In fact, it makes my rare yarn purchases feel really super special. Try it for a month, see how it works. Otherwise, good luck hiding the yarn! :)

Sarah said...

Oh dear. Its so bad when they get left home alone to their own devices. Thank god I wasn't a knitter when I lived with Rick, he'd have tossed my yarn away so often. I'm sorry you are on a yarn diet. Maybe I can ship you some every now and then from the corners of the earth I travel to. Then Carl won't have to know about it and you can say, oh Sarah sent me a present if he asks. I will be a helper in any covert yarn acquisitions you wish to develop.

Queen of the froggers said...

Oh dear. Find a new hiding place or someone that can look after it for you!

Code Purl said...

I can see him if he's willing to have a nutrition eval with a Registered Dietitian (after the wedding of course).

I stopped buying a lot of yarn on my own accord but found the way to cheat is to buy knitting accessories and anything decorative with a sheep on it. Hey, it's not yarn!