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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why the yarn diet?

I least they're sold out.
I started spinning up my batts from Terra Bella Spun last night. I'm really loving the fiber it creates, the colors are spectacular. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my progress but this is what she spun up in the Raindrops on Lily Pads colorway. I love it.
We're going to a little wine tasting tonight. Everytime I think of wine tastings I think of Goldie Hawn in There's a Girl in my Soup. Oh what a mess she creates all because she doesn't spit. You should all watch this movie it's great. It has Peter Sellers in it and again he's awesome. I said this when I talked about Dr. Strangelove but its just so true. Peter Sellers is amazing in every one of his movies. I love him.
I'm apparently loving a whole lot of this today. At least that means I'm in a good mood. Maybe all this sun is doing me some good.

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