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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yarn Diets Are Hard

This whole yarn diet thing stinks. I've been to The Point twice already this week and I have managed to not buy any yarn but it wasn't easy. Last night we were there for sit n knit and I just knit away on my loopy ewe socks and stuffed food in my face in effort to not touch the yarn. It was tough, being surrounded by yarn and not buying any but I made it. Then I went on The Loopy Ewe this morning and I noticed that little miss Sheri updated. OOO there are so many yummy things up now. I want them all. I've resisted, so far. Hopefully I can keep it up.

Anyway, I stumbled upon Angela Catirina's etsy shop today. I can't decided if she a creative genius or if she's just crazy. But isn't always the way it is artists and designers? I have to say I am amused by her designs, especially this and this. I guess I need to learn how to crochet now so I can whip up some crazy things. What would Carl say if he came home to find me working on some of these things? Now that I'm thinking about it I think I should make some of these things just so I can see his face.
I know this is probably nothing new for any of you but I just started listening to Cast On today and its absolutely wonderful. I had heard rave reviews from tons of people but had never taken the time to listen. I usually listen to podcasts at work but today I realized I was all caught up on my regulars and needed something new so I decided to check Ms. Brenda out. She really is amazing. Her voice is so soothing I actually started to drift into an almost meditative sleep. I kept having to stop listening, walk away and then come back. She's awesome but almost too relaxing. Again this is probably nothing new to you guys but I wanted to share my new love. I love you Brenda!
Ok off to knit. Have a great night!


Kristen said...

i think "sexy turkey hat" is my favorite--what, exactly, is sexy about it? the world may never know . . .

Queen of the froggers said...

Yarn diets are the same as food diets. As soon as you are on one you over indulge and feel guilty!