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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

There's a break on the horizon

We finally booked a vacation. June 18th to the 24th we will be in San Fransisco and Northern Cali. We thought we'd stay the first two nights in San Fran and then head up North to wine country and do some camping then B&B then camping then back to San Fran for our last night. However, this is all we have planned so far. We've got tickets and I think a car. If any of you have any suggestions on where we could stay in San Fran, Napa/Sonoma and camping please throw them out there. I'm also looking for any yarn related suggestions. I'm allowed to go to a few yarn stores if I go to a baseball game or something equally Carl-like. So where do I go? Are there any fairs or fiber shows at that time? I think we're also looking for general tourist info and since I have a blog and you guys are so awesome I thought I'd press you guys for info while Carl reads the travel books (I'm also lazy) so let it rip people you have a few weeks to tell me what I should do on vacay...oooo the power!

Of course this means I can't spend money since we put the flights on my credit card (thank goodness AMEX raised my limit) and well my income hasn't increased so I think I'm going to be on a strict budget for a while. Luckily I have tons of knitting to do. Including all that sock wars knitting and the 8+ ozs of roving that arrived on my doorstep the other day that now needs to become yarn and the 11 balls of Bernat Cashmere I bought this weekend to make the Somewhat Cowl. All this should keep me busy but we all know I like to stray...we'll see how good I do.

I finished a sock from the Great Adirondack Yarn Co. Soxie in the black magic with pictures to come. I used one of sockpixies' patterns. I really want to cast on the second one but I noticed that I need those needles for sock wars and I won't be able to finish sock #2 before the 9th so the second sock will have to wait. Its really killing me not to cast on the second one though. I don't have Second Sock Syndrome because I'm compulsive about finishing a pair, its like the opposite of SSS. To not cast the second one on is just torture.

New contest over on Learnersperknit I never win these things but I thought I'd help spread the word and increase my chances of losing! Seriously though, who doesn't love a good contest?


Brena said...

Yay vacations!!!!!! I haven't visited any of those areas, but I do have a memory of a gigantic chocolate trolley car that my grandparents brought back for me from San Fran.

Code Purl said...

Actually Julian and I went to San Fran and wine country amongst other CA destinations last spring. I can tell you tons of stuff and we loved all the places we stayed at and visited. Surprisingly though we didn't visit any yarn stores or do anything fiber related. I think there was so much to see and explore I didn't feel the need. We'll def have to talk before you go so you can make plans.


Anonymous said...

My brother works at Deldado Winery in Napa or St. Helena! Go in and say hi - ask for Tim (and buy some wine!) ;-)

How fun! I love SF and Napa!

big geek beth

Anonymous said...

The flair jacket looks really good on you and your mom's bag looks so much better in person. Reading of your vacay plans makes me daydream (had a rough April!). My own Spain plans got postponed courtesy of my job. but we managed to sneak in a long weekend at the beach. Can't wait.