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Friday, May 2, 2008

Woo Friday!

It's finally friday and I'm super excited! The rain and fog can't even get me down! Thankfully, work is much calmer today which is great. It's been really rough and I've racked up some OT hours this week so I decided I should treat myself to a little something, but what? I could buy more sock yarn but where would I put it? I could buy yarn for the new sweater pattern my colleague gave me but I'm already working on three things. I KNOW, I new knitting bag! I went over to The Loopy Ewe looking for goodies and what do they, a new namaste bag! I ordered the Laguna bag in Turquoise! It is so freaking pretty! I want it to come NOW! Thankfully Sheri is really good about shipping I know I'll have my bag before I know it! Then I went over to Namaste and saw all the colors they sell and I now want this bag in charcoal too and maybe olive ooo and Hollywood Pink....sigh...why can't I have them all?

Happy Friday boys and girls!

oooo just saw the clutch I want that too! Then I could bring socks out on the town with me and no one would know I had my knitting with me. AWESOME! Maybe next month.

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Sarah said...

I may need a new bag. I really like these. good treat for a long week... at least in my opinion it is.

I'll be casting on for the clapotis tonight...