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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Catching up because things have been NUTS!

Work has really been out of control these past few weeks so I apologize for the delay on showing you guys my sock wars socks.

These are the one’s I made. They’re so tiny looking I hope they fit you Ms. Jackson.

And these are the ones that killed me. I love the color and the “dead men tell no tales” antenna ball! Arrrrrrrrr matey you killed me.

We left work early on Friday to head down to Pennsylvania to see Carl’s little sister graduate from College. It was a lovely and tiring two days of graduation fun. We stayed at this awful Holiday Inn in Mechanicsburg. It was set up like a motor inn so our room opened to the parking lot which always makes me nervous. After a long drive in the rain and a long loud dinner we headed to the hotel and hoped we could get some rest. My throat has been bothering me for the past couple days and all that screaming at dinner really did me in. We settled in for the night and Carl went right to sleep which meant snoring. Loud deafening snoring combined with the sore throat meant that I didn’t fall asleep till about 4 am. This made Saturday particularly difficult. I was very happy to be home and in my own bed last night. I passed out without any problems. Also I’ve been trying not to take too much which is making some people happy. I think my voice is just strained. I’ve been talking and a lot of the time loudly because of the background noise for over a week now. It needs a rest.

I have been working on my clapotis when I can but there’s been so much going on here that I haven’t had the chance to knit as much as I like. In an effort to make me feel less stressed I’ve been working on our vacation plans. Knowing there’s a break in a few weeks has really helped me stay focused and not lose my mind. Ok its helped a little, I still feel like I’ve lost it a little.


Looking at Mom's bleeding hearts always seem to help.



Ok errand time.


Brena said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Code Purl said...

Sorry to hear you're a casualty. Sounds like a fun game though. I'll have to cast on a pair of socks sometime soon. JF's are getting holes in them!

a friend to knit with said...

feel better.
looking at those gorgeous hearts should help!