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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Way too busy

Things need to slow down a little so I can take some time to sit down and blog. I really enjoy blogging and it’s been killing me to have to neglect you all for even a few days. I hope to be done with the craziness so I can focus on my knitting and my blogging.

In the meantime let’s recap:

Saturday my best fried Meghan came up to spend the night with me and to practice her knitting. She arrived in the late morning and we ordered a pizza and sat down with some yucky red heart that I keep on hand for charity blankets (not that I have ever been able to finish more than 5 squares) and teaching purposes and I taught her how to purl. I had been trying to find a new garter stitch project for her that wasn’t another scarf but I didn’t like anything I found. I decided it was best to just teach her how to purl and open the doors to the world of knitting nice wide.

Once she had mastered stockinette we walked up to Annie & Co. to find a project and some yarn. She decided to knit a simple baby sweater that’s knit in one piece in St st. We picked up some pretty Kelly Green yarn, I think it was Zara. I picked up Kim Hargreaves Heart Felt since I have been drooling over the pictures online. I also picked up some Soak and some plain buttons for the flair jacket.

We got home and Meg started to cast on but took a little nap instead. I tried to finish the flair jacket while she napped but it turns out that I have no idea how to put buttons on in a normal fashion so I had to take them off. I will be going home this weekend to make my mother put the on since I’m incapable of actually sewing them in a straight line.

After naps and showers we headed out with some friends to drink and have a good time. And we did, till about 2 am. We got home and just crashed.

Sunday we had to get up early (well its only early if you got to sleep at 2am) and run downtown to Pangea to meet two of the knittery friends for brunch. We had a really nice time and the food was great. After lunch we headed off to Brooklyn (yah I know I went to Brooklyn and on the subway too!) for the Bust Craftacular. It was a lot of fun and I picked up a few goodies. I sort of bought anything that had a cameo on it because I really love cameos and I’m starting to become obsessed. After a lazy lunch we headed home. I made sure Meg had cast on her sweater and did a row or two before sending her off to the train station.

After Meg left I cast on a clapotis because I needed mindless knitting and vegged on the couch watching Father Ted till it was time to sleep.

Monday saw the return of Carl and a very busy work week. I had to work late last night so I could come in early this morning and send out some things but now it doesn’t look like that will happen till late this afternoon so all that preparation was for naught. Oh well at least its Thursday. Though I wasn’t able to make it to my regular knitting group last night I did manage to get down to The Point on Tuesday for a Sit and Knit meetup. I had a lot of fun and it was nice to do something non-working related. I picked up yarn for Sock Wars III and they had just gotten a shipment of Brooklyn Handspun in so I just had to grab a skein. I did get 10% off all my sock yarn though! Damn wool fumes got to me again.

I need to post pictures because I have a lot of WIPs and that means I have to share my progress. And I have made some progress. And I’ll show the flair jacket as soon as it has buttons, promise.

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Brena said...

I superlove Kim Hargreaves! That book is so awesome, I can't wait to see what you create first!

I slack forever on putting buttons on things. My Juliet has needed 2 buttons since January and I'm nowhere near putting them on.