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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Could Knitting Bring World Peace?

First, I’m sorry about yesterday’s post. I think I just need to get that out of me and the blog seemed like the perfect place. Now that that’s over let’s all move on shall we?

I do have knitting related material for the day. As some of you might know I’m a little obsessed with collecting knitting magazines and other publications and I’m a total anglophile. So it won’t be shocking for you all to learn that I’m obsessed with British knitting magazines. I especially adore Simply Knitting they have great articles and patterns but those aren’t my favorite bits. I simply love the free gifts, which are always fun, and the pen pal section. Who wouldn’t want to make more knitter friends? And as connected as we all are these days it seems the art of correspondence has been lost. I have written letters to a few ladies that have been featured in the pen pal section and have heard back from one or two. A few months ago I submitted my name to the list and they actually featured my letter in the new issue. The issue isn’t in the States yet but the emails have already started.

I have heard from so many lovely ladies (no men yet but maybe there will be soon?) and it’s just wonderful. One lady has spondylosis myopathy which I understand is very painful. Her note was so full of cheer it made me think about all the bitching I’ve been doing of late. Here I am complaining about spider bites like they’re small pox and there are people with real pain and suffering that are chipper and happy with life. If they can be happy and not complain then I can be too. Another lady has 6 kids and a few grandchildren. It’s always interesting to hear about the inner workings of large families. Another 24 year old emailed me this morning, she’s a novice and she just finished her first sweater! I haven’t made a sweater yet but it is my goal for the year to finally make the Flair Jacket by Wendy Bernard. Anyway, there are so many emails and they just keep rolling in.

I’m always amazed at how many new people I have met just because I knit. It’s such a humble simple craft and yet it has the power to bring women together even if they are thousands of miles apart. I have one complaint, WHERE ARE THE MEN? I know you’re out there. Speak up, join us, we love you! I know one male knitter and I feel like that just isn’t enough.

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Queen of the froggers said...

Its amazing isn't it. The internet is the best for bringing knitters together as it is so easy to quickly write an email etc. Penpals sounds great!