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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pomper C'est Super Cool

So last night BGF was a guest vocalist for this acapella group Duwende. We apparently went to school with some of the group members but I did not know them. He's a vocal percussionist and is BFF is the vocal percussionist for the group...I don’t know but its kind of a big deal for him. Anyway, so Carl and I went down to The Bitter End last night to show our support! It was a great time especially their last song Pomper which basically is a silly song in French about how push-ups are super cool! It had me in stitches (stitches get it this is a knitting blog...yup I'm a dork). I forgot that they did that song. I saw them once when I was in college and I remember laughing my tush off then too. It was a good night and BGF was adorable and I'm so happy Carl came and suffered through it (I learned form BGF this morning that Carl looked a little bored, I wouldn't know I was watching the performance). But I love him for trying to seem interested.

Anyway...That's all I've got. No FOs and not much progress on my WIPs so I'm trying to distract you with various factoids about my life...distracted yet?

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