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Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day!

The good thing about a year leap year is the extra day of knitting. After a long week of work, bumps, bites and odd skin reactions I’m ready for the weekend. Carl is out with boys. For some reason this is really bothering me tonight and I’m trying not to succumb to the urge to scream and use dirty girl tricks to get him to come back home so I’m making a nice little night for myself. I’m going to watch the new Jane Austen movies that came today that chronicle her society and works (the one on herlife isn’t here yet) while knitting my skirt. I have a good 8 inches completed and I’m rolling through. The only thing that’s getting me is the number of stitches and how tiny they are. When this is done I might need to knit something with bulky yarns. There have been too many finely knit projects of late.

We still have not figured out what I’m having an allergic reaction too or what is biting me but we know what it isn’t. The doctors have ruled out all the gross things like bed bugs, scabbies and other sorts of mites. Hopefully we can narrow it down enough to find the culprit and stop this. Till then I will take the antihistamines and wait.


The emails from across the pond keep coming in. I received a lovely email from an 81 year old lady who receives projects from companies and knits up garments for them. Some of the garments she’s knit have been sold at Barneys! How amazing is that? I would love more than anything to just sit by her side and watch her knit. Surely she is a true craftswoman. Imagine the things you could learn just from watching some one like that.

Ok back to my “girl-night”…I think I need more friends…


Stacey said...

ooo, I'm jealous of your night on your own with Jane Austen & knitting! I would love a night like that...not that I don't adore the SO, but a night to myself is lovely.

Queen of the froggers said...

That sounds like a great night in. The colour of your skirt is lovely!

Jo said...

I'm fighting the exact same reaction. McDreamy is out on a pubcrawl, and he's been studying all weekend, and I WANT SOME OF HIS TIME, DAMMIT!

OK, I'm better now. I'm going to spend my evening knitting as well, except I'm not a huge Jane Austen fan, so instead I'll be watching Dead Like Me on DVD. (Great show.)