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Monday, February 25, 2008

I need things to slow down

Sometimes I just wish I could be left alone. Maybe that’s why most weekends are spent inside for two days knitting. Things just get so crazy in this city. Phones ringing all the time, people everywhere, emails at all hours of the day and night. I feel like we all work 24/7 and the stress is going to kill us all. I’m lucky enough to have a boss that respects my nightly private time but Carl not so much. When I get home I can peel away the layers of stress that have built up all day and try to relax. Carl’s work just picks up as his clients get off work and start thinking about their personal lives. Lately, his phone, emails and general stress have started to get me stressed out. I don’t think this is good for either of us. I find myself wanting to scream at him when he picks up his phone at 10pm because some ASSHOLE needs to talk about an apartment he wants to see. But then I remember that he has to do this to make a name for himself or he will never make it in the NYC Real Estate business. Nevertheless it’s completely annoying. It’s bad enough when my work interrupts my private life let alone someone else’s.

Carl thinks my staying indoors in our tiny apartment most weekends is a sign that I’m becoming depressed or something. Trust me I’m not. I’m so happy to actually have time to enjoy our apartment. We pay all this money to live in this place I want to enjoy it. I get two days a week (if I’m lucky) where I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself. It’s just wonderful. I wish I could get him to understand this. Maybe I need to get him to knit or do carpentry things or something to show him how to slow down and enjoy the process of something as opposed to rushing and talking and making deals.

I just wish things could slow down and people could have private lives again. I don’t want to become some uptight workaholic New Yorker and I don’t want Carl to be either. I’m just going to have to nip this in the bud now!

After this little rant I should probably show you my progress on the Ocean Toes and my Puffball Skirt so here you go! Thanks for listening!

I have about 5 inches of the puffball skirt complete and I’m loving it. I’m just not loving the looooooooong rounds.

The ocean toes are going I’m just so bored of socks right now.


Courtney said...

I love the socks, very cute

Code Purl said...

It's tough to know when to be up and running and when to just slow down. I get annoyed when JF checks his work email at home and inevitably gets annoyed about what some person said or some meeting he has to attend. I try to unwind when I get home and not think about all the events of the day so much.

ekgheiy said...

You have an excellent point! I've often wondered why people are so gung-ho about 'getting out of the house'. Considering the money we pay to live where ever we live, why is strange that we should want to spend time there, if only to even just stare the walls. Sadly, we see the walls of our jobs more than we see the walls of home. Ugh - don't even get me started on that!