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Sunday, February 10, 2008


...The stockings are D-O-N-E DONE DONE DONE!!! The ends need to wooven in and they need to be blocked and well I do have to make the garters BUT the hard part is over. I feel so accomplished! When the garters are finished and everything is washed and blocked I will model them for you all I promise.

I did start the garters, well one, and I got a few inches in before my wrist started to hurt too much. Sometimes I think I over do it with the knitting a little but when you're on a roll you go with it right?

Only about um...20 inches to go and then another 26.5 of a new one. I think this will be my bus knitting for the week.

But now that I'm finally done with the stockings I was able to caston the Ocean Toes for the Knit Along with Knitwits KAL. I'm really didn't like them at first but you know what, they're growing on me. I bought new yarn for them from the store in the lobby of our new building, Stitches East. Now I have to say I had heard the ladies there were mean and I have shopped there before but never interacted with anyone there. On friday, I went to find new sock yarn because I thought if I could get excited about a yarn I might just get excited about these socks (thank you jitterbug for making awesome sock yarn). In the process of picking out yarns I actually talked with some of the ladies that work there and I have to say, I take it back, they were lovely. So if you're in midtown on Park Ave stop by their shop. They have lovely things and the ladies aren't as mean of the reviewers on citysearch made them out to be.

Don't ask me what colorway this is because well I didn't look and I can't find the label right now. I do like it a lot and the socks are coming out pretty cool. Damn you Ocean Toes, I tried to hate you but I can't.

When I'm done with these I think I need a break from the socks (I know shocker!). And I'm going to get this Puffball Skirt done and the Flair Jacket as well. I have spent WAY too much money on the yarn for these projects not to make them. Plus I really want to wear them! Hopefully these socks will continue to knit up quickly.

I also watched The Jane Austen Book Club this morning and it was great! Not quite a Jane Austen novel but for the Jane obsessed it was a nice salute to her timelessness.

Lastly, for all my You Make my Day nominees thank you for all your kind responses. It is hard to pick just ten blogs. There are so many great knitters with wonderful knitting blogs out there. I love this wonderful knitting community the web has established. I used to knit alone and thanks to the web I have found a knitting group in my area (you all rock PS) and I have made so many knitter friends around the world. Knitting really does bring people together. Maybe that's really why I love it so much.

And since Carl's out showing apartments all afternoon I can blast some Josh Groban and get back to my knitting.


Code Purl said...

Congrats on finishing the stockings. It'd be funny to have your modeling them at the Food Emporium!

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

wow! neato! I don't know where you mustered up all of the patience to knit those! That's like 3 pairs of socks right there.
We need an in-action pic when you're all done. :)

Queen of the froggers said...

They are cool stockings! Well done, I am not sure I would have the patience with knee highs. That pink is fab!