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Friday, September 7, 2007


Since I bought that natural wool from Heather at Krystal Sunnyside Wools and started to actually knit with it my outlook on life seems to have changed. Just the smell of the natural oils in the yarn and on my hands takes me away to a place I never thought I'd want to be -- a farm. I'll be honest I like to go camping and can be rather "rugged" but only for short periods of time and in the right context. I have reared farm animals before but that was for summer camp and the adults really did most the work. Lets face it I'm a city girl and a New York City girl at that. Farming, not really something I ever would have thought I'd ever even think of wanting to do. Come on you can't wear $500 5inch heels on a farm and I live for win...normally. However, since I read about and saw Krystal Sunnyside Wools and their farm I want to do that. Only I want to raise Alpacas.

I love them! They're so sweet and awkward looking plus they have such great "wool". I told the boyfriend that this was something I seriously wanted to do. His only response was "Farmland isn't cheap in NYC" which was his way of nicely saying "you're insane, we're not doing this". I know this was never going to be something where I could just drop everything and move upstate and start breed alpacas. But I'm begining to think its something I could do in the future and maybe something I'd like to look into doing, seriously. It would be a nice retirement plan. We'll see what the future holds but I hope it holds a little pack of alpacas somewhere in Upstate New York. And hopefully I can get the boyfriend on board!
Some fun Alpaca pics...come on they're so cute!!!

Don't you want a little pack of them?

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