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Monday, September 17, 2007

Family Dinners and Knitting

Every Sunday the boyfriend and I get together with our friends and have what we call Family Dinner. It's a nice tradition that was started this year and I hope it continues for years to come. However, one of our friends seems to be very uncomfortable with my favorite hobby. He is hosting this week's dinner and the following excerpt is from an email he sent to me: The S**** residence has a strict "no-knitting" policy, which goes nicely with its apparent but unintended "no-girls" policy. I swear he's 7 not a 29 year old litigator at reasonably prestigious law firm in New York.

I find it interesting how many people can mock you for knitting in one breathe and ask you to make them something in the next? Why is it so interesting and foreign to see a young woman knitting? Particularly in New York City. I don't understand it. But then I guess knitting has always been part of my life, even before I knew how to myself. My grandmother knit, all my aunts knit, my mother knit and I sat around begging someone to teach me until one day (many many many years later) my mother finally did. I'm sure my friend did not grow up in a similar environment so I can understand how it could be strange the first time it comes into your life. But he's been around me for sometime and he's seen me knit. Its time to get over it.
People will always confuse me.


ekgheiy said...

I too find it strange how someone could "tease" you one moment and ask (or insinuate/suggest etc) that you make them something the next moment. I sometimes get a kick out of it, but generally ignore it all together. :)

Lucky you!! It must be nice to have so many knitters in your family. I am the only one in mine. :(

Happy Knitting!

Alyssa said...

Thanks Ekgheiy it is nice having lots of knitters in the family. Unfortunately, none of them live close to me so I've had to learn a lot on my own. I think it has forced me to develop bad habits