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Sunday, September 30, 2007

What happens when I only leave the house once to go to the yarn shop...

We had to go out last night for a friends birthday. It was a long night for everyone. I had to leave early because I stopped being able to feel my pinkie again. That was my body telling me to get to bed because I'm still sick. We woke up today, one with a huge hangover (the boyfriend) and one still with no feeling in their pinkie (me). So I prepared myself for a day full of knitting and tv watching when I realized I needed new needles for the jumper I'm working on so I made a run to the Wool Gathering up the street. I walked in intent on only buying new size 10 turbos when I saw the completed really cool scarf the owner was knitting the last time I was was still awesome. When I last saw it she only had a sample amount of the yarn and was waiting for the supply to come in. I just had to ask if the yarn for it had come in yet and of course it had and of course I had to buy it. Approximately 12 hours (minus a 2 hour nap) later a scarf was completed!

Isn't it fun!

OK so I look very scared in this picture but its not about me its about the scarf...Awesome scarf

Some detail shots the yarn its simple but funky, I like it.

It does knit up quick!

It was so simple 3 skeins of On Linie 194 Solo, 8 stitches and then you just knit through the yarn as close to the top as possible to make the ripples.

Its great to know that despite being a totally couch potato today I at least have something to show for it. Tomorrow I definitely need to get back to the jumper or clutch or boyfriend's scarf. I hate how I have knitting ADD. Too many projects not enough time...


~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Pretty! Close up, it reminds me of a sponge...which makes it kind of fun to squish.

NH Knitting Mama said...

The scarf is AWESOME! Great job.

Alyssa said...

Its is kind of sponge-like. I like it and they have a few other color combinations. I'm thinking of making a few for my friend.