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Friday, September 14, 2007


"Knitting - The obsessive use of needles and yarn to create an array of fuzzy objects in various states of completion. See also Yarn Lust."

So I am officially sick. But I still have to work and go to the dinner we've had planned for weeks. I'd so much rather be at home on my couch getting stuck into a new pattern. Maybe I could even start those socks I've been meaning to learn. **sigh** It will not be. I must plug on at work and play. Dinners tonight and dinners tomorrow. This is not the weekend for recovery.

So now some random things that have entertained me throughout the day:

If I could knit online from work that would be truly awesome. I would totally get fired though.

Oh Gromit how I love thee....

Oh Ziggy the things you get yourself into...

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