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Saturday, September 22, 2007

A new friend

Mom and I had a wonderful and productive afternoon. We spent too much time at Quilt City but she's a quilter so she was in heaven. It was fun to watch her be so happy. I picked up a few needle felting kits and I made myself a new friend. Meet Kiley my new calico.

I don't like cats mainly because I'm allergic so well I can't like them but every knitter should have cat friend so I made one and I there's no sneezing or watery eyes or stealing of yarn.

Look at that face...isn't she sweet!

We also went over to mood and a few trimmings stores. I picked up some fabrics, handbag handles, buttons...oh all kinds of odds and ends.

Time to get ready for my brother...whooo this is a lot of my family for on Saturday.

Oh and the clutch is going strong!! I haven't done much on the scarf since I need to wind the two new skeins of yarn and I still don't have a swift. I'm procrastinating. I know I'm being bad but look even Kiley likes it!

It's not perfect but I've got to say its not too bad for my first real cable project!

Ok back to work! vodka tonics and cables!! Ok I'm not really sure how its going to turn out but there will definately be vodka tonics!

Happy Weekend!

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