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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Take me out to the ball game...

So the die-hard Yankees fan was brought to Shea Stadium. This is what happens when you date a die-hard Mets fan. I took this oppurtunity to just gorge on hot dogs and knit up a storm. My best friend's boyfriend (also I die-hard Mets fan who managed to find a die-hard Yankees fan as a girlfriend) didn't believe that I would do it...what was there to believe? Its the perfect time to knit. Especially since people will bring you food and drink!
So my camera happy best friend had a feild day (no pun intended) photographing me and my knitting. So here's the documentation that yes I knit and yes I went to a Mets game:

Apparently my sheep tape measure was a hit!

I learned that if you knit a scarf in the round so you can have an extra thick scarf (and an easy way to stripe without caring about the tails) it confuses people. I think I explained what I was doing not only to my friends but to the four guys behind us as well.

Who knew me knitting would fascinate someone so much?

This is the face boyfriend apparently makes when I knit. Come on I came to the game...isn't that enough? Guess, not! Too bad that's all you get.
It was a good night and I got a lot done on the scarf.
Today I went out after work and finally picked up a book and knitting socks. I think it is time for me to learn. Once this scarf is done its sock knitting starts!! I'm very excited.
I'm coming down with something which isn't very fun. My throat hurts and I'm just hoping its not going to be strep. YUCK! We'll see. Hey, if it is I get to stay home from work and knit knit knit! We'll see what happens.

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