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Friday, September 21, 2007


I've been waiting for it all week and finally its Friday!! a
I don't have much to report today since I haven't been feeling well. All food makes me want to hurl but my mother tells me I must eat so I try and stop and try again.
Tomorrow Mom and I head down to the garment district to look for fabrics. She's big into quilting so she's excited. I'm going to look for things like trimmings and notions. Maybe I can find some fun buttons and whatnot. It will be fun to spend the morning with mom. Then when she leaves my brother is coming over the hang out with me in the afternoon. The boyfriend leaves for his mother's house out on the Northfork of LI early tomorrow morning so it looks like we're both having a family weekend.
Hopefully after a good night's sleep tonight I'll start feeling better so I can make some progress on the clutch and the scarf. Both are going strong!! Thanks for the encouragement Jen on the doing cables and felting. I know it's probably a lot to take on in one go but I'm accepting the challenge. What I've learned as a knitter is you just need to do it to get it and to not be afraid to make mistakes. Which I believe is also a great lesson for life.
Well I'm going to curl up with the new book a bought today, Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict because I am a Jane Austen addict. I was trying to listen to it on my ipod while I knit but my ipod has some issues and skips around and stops all the time (I think I need a new ipod, again!) so I broke down today and bought the book. I like reading better anyway. So back to the 19th century (where I wish I could be always).

Have a wonderful weekend!

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