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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Carl left early this afternoon go out to New Jersey to help his dad move some furniture or something so I have the apartment to myself for the day. I’m taking this time to start the hat I promised BGF. It’s just another simple fitted ribbed hat like the one I made for Carl a few months ago. It’s out of Autunno again but a different color way. I let BFG pick out which color he liked and he picked this beautiful blue/black yarn. I love the way its knitting up.

I made a lot of progress on the puffball skirt last night but unfortunately it looks the same, just longer. I just don’t think it’s worth showing the next few inches. I think we’re at about 600 maybe 700 stitches now. This is getting out of control.

What I’m most happy about today is that my orchid is finally blooming again. Last year for Valentine’s Day Carl bought me a beautiful orchid. It lived for a year and only bloomed once. I bought myself another one about 6 months ago which stopped blooming and is now blooming again! I’m so happy that I didn’t kill it. I also received another orchid from Carl this year. But that was because the florists never delivered my roses (or 200 other people’s roses that day). I don’t care what the reason I love my orchids and I’m happy I’m not killing them anymore.

One more because I’m excited about the new blooms!


Code Purl said...

JF bought me an orchid in the fall and I kept it hoping it will bloom again. You're giving me hope!

Gnat said...

Pretty pretty flowers. Thank you for sharing!