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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Carl's got the Mets...

And I have: The Yarn Harlot, April 2- NYC, Columbus Circle Borders, 10 Columbus Circle, NY NY, Time: 7pm! I'm kind of a lotta pumped. I haven't had much knitting in my life the last couple of days and I feel like this is just the jumpstart I need. Work has been insane since sunday and its only Tuesday. But on hump day I get a little Harlot, the week can only get better.

We're watching American Idol because we're weird and cheesy like that. The April Fool's joke was AWFUL but that really didn't bother me so much. What did is the insane why FOX always finds away to advertise or plug its own shows all the time and in the most random ways. Everytime Seacrest says something he manages to plug FOX and FOX programs at least 3,000 times. It's just shameless.

Ok back to the cheese and I promise to finish this skirt soon so I actually have a finished project for you to look at.


Sarah said...

oohhh... let me know the details via email tomorrow. i may meet up with you for that! and its right on my way home too!

Code Purl said...

Have fun. The Harlot is a really funny speaker.