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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ok here we go...

Even though I've been really bad and have bought WAY too much sock yarn I have been getting stuff done. But first some yarn porn.

Here we have my two newest sock yarns, aren't they pretty?

First we have The Great Adirondack Yarn Company, Inc. Sirino in the Navajo colorway. Its 675 yards of fingering weight yumminess! Now I just need a sock pattern to go with this yarn, any suggestions?

Second we have Lime & Violet Mermaid sock in the Yarny Yarn colorway. Its 425 yard and just awesome. I want to make something with a wavy rib pattern as a noddy to the Mermaid name.

Then we have all the yarn for grandpa's argyle socks. They're all knitpicks gloss in various colorways. I'd name them but they're in the yarn basket at the other end of my living room and I'm tired.

I've also purchased a couple more rovings so I can continue to practice my spinning. I'm almost done with the practice fiber from class and then I'm going to start on the pretty pink/purple roving that came with my spindle.

Of course I've also been knitting.

The mesh gloves are knitting up very quickly. I'm about to start the fingers on the first one (wish me luck!).

And the flair jacket has a sleeve! Sorry for the crap picture but you can see the sleeve. Look on the right, what's that? A SLEEVE!

Boy do I have a lot going on right now in craft-land! And to top it off I signed up for Sock Wars III which starts next month. Oy! I'm going to die so quickly. Maybe I should start a pair of socks just to get me back into the swing of sock knitting? OR I can spin some more...I'm off to spin and watch my new favorite BBC show Allo Allo. The show's from the 80s but its new to me. So funny!

Can you tell I've been in a super chipper mood today? I think its all the fiber fumes.


Code Purl said...

Ooooh, I'm having a yarngasm just looking at that stuff! Why don't you try Pomatous (or however it's spelled) from Knitty? That has an ocean theme to it and look like waves.

Lolly said...

totally loving the way the flair jacket is knitting up! what a great color!

Pensguys said...

I KNOW the feeling about not needing more yarn! I have WAY more than I'll ever knit I think!

Pensguys (from Classical Knitting Corner)

Queen of the froggers said...

Your mantra didn't work!! Love the jacket.

Brena said...

Oooh, those sock yarns are some the the most gorgeous I've ever seen! Definitly worth it.

Your flair looks fantastic!

raining sheep said...

hmmm....there seems to be a disconnect between your last post and this post...all I can say is that one can never have enough sock yarn...I mean, what if there is a disaster and all the yarn stores have to close and you can't buy any more...I know, lame scenario!