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Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's scary leaving Fiberland

I live in a land of fiber. I read about knitting and now spinning as close to all day as I can get. I knit when I have a second and I spin for a few minutes everyday. I no longer have any connection or understanding of what happens in the “Real World” and frankly, its sad. Back when I didn’t live in this fiberific world a little thing happened to a man name Sean Bell and two of his friends. Once I left the “Real World” I sort of forgot about current events. Today, Carl emails me to tell me that the verdict for the Sean Bell trial is expected tomorrow and the NYPD fear riots (to quote Carl “Think Crown Heights-type riots”) if the verdict is not guilty. This was great news since Carl is leaving tonight for a long weekend in Arizona with friends. He’s said he warned me to avoid my calling him freaking out if I see anything on Friday, like people breaking store windows. Isn’t he kind? I know it won’t be as bad as I’m imagining right now but it’s a little scary when you’re not in fiberland. Since I have the day off tomorrow I will be spending most of my friend in my apartment knitting and spinning so rioters beware you better not mess with me! I’m a knitter and I’m ARMED!


And to clarify my last two posts. I know I said I wasn't buying more sock yarn BUT the yarn mentioned in the previous post was purchased right before I swore off buying sock yarn. It just happened to come in the mail the other day so it looks like I cheated.


Sarah said...

Your comment on my post made me laugh.

yes, i'll cook dinner. And yes, lets do a girls night this weekend. I have nothing planned. I think I'll go to Union Square tomorrow for the farmers market, but thats the extent of my weekend.

Code Purl said...

Haha. My dad emailed me to be careful taking the subway home to queens yesterday b/c of the verdict. It was so cute him being all overprotective of me.