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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Update

It’s been a very long weekend and this lazy Sunday is much appreciated. Friday, I broke my little yarn diet (actually that’s a lie I ordered some things from knit picks on Thursday but we’ll talk about that when the package arrives). We were taking a fellow knitter out for a little bachelorette celebration and since I have yarn shop in the lobby of my office building I just couldn’t stop myself from taking a little peek at their sock yarn. I fell in love with this beautiful skein of The Great Adirondack Yarn Company sock yarn in a colorway called Black Magic. It was so lovely I got one for me and one for her. And now we can have matching socks!

We had a fabulous evening of dinner at The Park and bar dancing at Hogs and Heifers. I learned a few things from this experience 1) party favors topped with little penises turn us all in to 8th grade boys (giggle giggle)

Seriously not staged we looked over during dessert and this was on the table.

2) The bartenders at Hogs and Heifers will take your bra off you if you’re not careful. Two of us became victims before we just had to leave. When I saw the second one being taken off I scurried off in the other direction to avoid all bra stealing situations. And 3) Fire breathing is really cool.

After such a joyous, light hearted celebration on Friday night I had to changes gears Saturday morning and head out to Long Island with Carl for a memorial service for an old family friend of his. It was a lovely service. I always feel a little weird attending services like this when I never knew the person but this time I was just happy to be there for Carl holding his hand through this. Yesterday was the first time I ever saw Carl cry. In a very morose way, this was a bonding experience for us. It makes you want to hold to tight to the people you love since life is so finite and unpredictable.

Anyway, after such a busy and emotional weekend I’m just taking it easy today and working on my flair jacket. I’ve put the sleeve stitches on scrap yarn and have finished the 4 button holes but I’m currently very confused. I did a gauge swatch and I got gauge. I checked again while knitting—still got gauge. One would think that if I just follow the pattern everything will work out. I was wrong. In the picture on the pattern the button holes span the entire length of the front panel. The directions say to make a button hole every 14th row 4 times. I did this and my button holes stop below the boobs. I don’t get it. I don’t have boobs so it’s not their fault. Do I have a super long torso? I checked for errors in the pattern and I couldn’t find any so I don’t think it’s that. I don’t know I’m totally confused but I’ve tried it on and I think it could look good. I really don’t want to rip back that far to add more rows between the holes so we’ll see how it all turns out. I still love the jacket.

Note: The actual jacket is currently longer than this with all the button holes but I was too lazy to retake the picture


Code Purl said...

I'm still coming down from the high of Friday night. It meant so much to me that you guys organized this whole thing as a surprise and I had loads of fun. Thank you for the beautiful yarn. I like to keep it out so I can just admire the colors. Sorry you had such a change of pace the next day but it's nice that you were able to bond with Carl on a deeper level.

Anonymous said...

You have YARN shop in your office building?!?

And that sock yarn is gorgeous!

Brena said...

Ooohhh!!!!! Pretty sock yarn. And wow, a yarn shop in your office building and you've been able to stick to your diet! Very impressive.

I'm not sure what you can do about the Flair jacket... maybe move the button holes up a bit? I've never made anything with buttons.