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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oh what a night

The Yarn Harlot was awesome. This was my first time seeing her speak and she was very funny, smart and tiny. You see all these people in blogland and you think they must be like you. I’m tall so I think everyone is tall. It’s always a shock meeting someone and finding out they are what you had imagined, like reading a book and then seeing the movie, they don’t always match up. Ok I’m off track, I do that a lot…get back now. I met up with Sarah and we had a great time sitting on the floor knitting and laughing. She stood online for a bit but that had to leave so I waited and waited in the massively long line of knitters to get my booked signed. I then said something stupid to the Harlot that I basically can’t remember.

Here she is sigining away (not my book) and you can just see her traveling sock there behind the sweater. Thank god for camera phones or I would never have any photographic proof that I had gone.

She talked a lot about how non-knitters see us and how you can’t really define who a knitter “is”. We’re a tricky demographic. Her insights were great. I loved when she talked about when non-knitters say “I wish I had the time to take up knitting” and how they’re usually sitting with you waiting for the same plane or doctor or something. Apparently they’re so busy being bored they can’t possibly knit. All this talk about how “they” see “us” was made even more hysterical when I met up with Carl and his guy friends at a bar after the signing. All he had told them was that I was at a book signing. Of course when I got there I had to explain what kind of book and then they played right into everything the Harlot had been talking about. It was all just too funny.

Everyone was so nice. I just love knitters. Everyone is interested in what the other is knitting. And the compliments just flow. I loved see what others had made (of course you must bring out your finest knitwear for the Harlot right?). This one lady had this amazing Fai Isle sweater with all these inter-connecting rings. Oh it was gorgeous. One day I will make something like that. I wish I had a picture of it I really do.

Anyway I should really getting home so I can get back to my skirt (that everyone thought was a giant sweater without arms). Last night was exactly what I needed, I little me time doing what I love with people who love it just as much as I do.


Sarah said...

I had much fun.

And I'm totally taking you up on the offer of visiting and using your swift and ball winder - I made such a mess making my ball so I could continue on the sweater tonight!

Code Purl said...

Sounds like fun. Wish I coulda met up with you guys.