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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Flighting, Drinking and Twirling

Last night Carl and I had the Fight of the Century and all because I’m a messy little tall person that doesn’t fold their clothes. Apparently, after a year and a half living in a bedroom turned girl closet can get to a person. At about 1 am I learned the following:

  1. I have to put my clothes away as soon as physically possible or Carl may kill me

  2. Trying to talk to him like an adult when he’s fuming is completely impossible.

  3. Maybe I shouldn’t push my luck when he lives in a world of yarn which was not what he signed up for when we moved in together

  4. Drinking half a bottle of wine very quickly will not make the yelling man go away and will actually make you feel like death the next morning.

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to be able to make it to my knitting group last night and boy did I need a little girl time. I think I have officially lost my mind and need a vacation because there is no filter left. I know you’re all asking yourself “when was there a filter?” but there was, it was just small and didn’t really filter all the much. Now that little bit I had is just G-O-N-E GONE. I apologize for anything awful that I said last night. Maybe that placenta thing was a bit much but I hope I was at least entertaining???

I wore my skirt to work yesterday and everyone LOVED it. There is nothing like getting complimented on something you’ve worked so long and hard at. It looked great and all day all I wanted to do was go to the park and twirl. It’s definitely a twirling skirt. I would have done a few twirls at work but I just didn’t think it was professional.

Gotta work but the Fair Jacket is coming along nicely. Pictures of my progress soon! I will need help picking out buttons but we'll get to that later.


Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about the fight. Those are the worst. I'm so glad I live alone right now... The pile of clothes not put away on the end of the bed is ridiculous here.

And no worries about the lack of filter - yes, the placenta was a bit stomach turning, but funny none the less. At least from my perspective. But then again, I spent my day in the adult toy store... so perhaps I'm not the best judge of filter placement.

Hope work isn't too stressful, boring, taxing or any of that.

soknitpicky said...

Sorry about the fight :-(

I'm glad you got so many compliments on your skirt. Well deserved! Thanks to you, I took a second look at that book. In addition to the skirt, I like the top of the Peacock Dress, aka, the Lurex tank. It's pretty inexplicable to me why it was printed twice, because they are *exactly* the same, except for the neck/armhole edging. It doesn't make sense to me why the schematics are different, though. Anyway, I am strongly considering making this tank now. It's so disappointing that it's hard to really see it well with the yarn/lighting they chose

Brena said...

The last time Michael and I fought I drank an entire bottle of wine. The fight quickly ended because I made no sense whatsoever. I don't even remember what it was about.

Code Purl said...

Fights with your SO are the worst! JF and I both tend toward the messy so it's good on the one hand that we're not bothering each other about it. But then on the other hand the whole apt ends up a mess!

Don't worry about last night. It was funny. And your skirt looked awesome in person. If I had made it I could see myself going to sleep in it!