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Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Recap

I think its time for me to write a real post. My cold is in my chest now which stinks but I'm feeling better and today I get to spend the whole day at home which is nice. I feel like I never spend any real time in the apartment. So Thanksgiving was great. I went home to my mom's house Wednesday night I so could pick up my car. I love going to suburbs because I get to go to Target. I love Target. It's so clean and bright and there so much space in the aisles...Oh I love it. So I did a little shopping and a little admiring of the trees. I'm so happy they still have some of they're fall color! We had dinner at this little Mexican place we love called Casa Del Sol. Why do women love margaritas and guacamole so much? We all do it seems. Anyway I spent the rest of the night watching Wings and knitting.

Yesterday we I picked up my brother at the train station and we headed to CT to see my dad and step mom. We had a great time. Lots of wine and family and food. It was perfect. I somehow got my older brother to be DD so I could partake in the thanksgiving festivities (OK I'll just say it now, there side of the family drinks a lot but its fun!). The food was great. I learned that my dad doesn't know how to carve a turkey. He can butcher it though! But really who cares how you cut it as long as the food makes it on your plate. There was a little incident with the gizzards...I guess there were two packs in the bird and my step mom only removed one. My father affectionately named it the Turkey Tampon after it came flying out of the bird and onto the floor. It was funny.

All in all we had a great Thanksgiving and I managed to make some progress on the ankle socks. Of course I've been knitting so much lately my wrist is killing again. Time for my little craft wrist brace thingies.

I hope you all had a wonderful day!

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NH Knitting Mama said...

Oh my GOD - the turkey tampon has me laughing so hard... I'm reading this to hubby as soon as he gets home!!!