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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Firstly I have finished my first ever sock!! And cast-on its mate. I think its mate might look better than the first in the end but I don't care I DID IT!!

The cuff isn't perfect and there are a few ladders but we all have to start somewhere

The toe also got a little funky. I don't think I totally understand Kitchener stitch for some reason. I just have to practice practice practice. To be a good girl I cast-on for the second sock. If I didn't I don't think I would ever make it.

I sat on the couch at Carl's mom's house and looked out at the view and knit. Slowly family members started to show up and some even knit with me. Its really weird but they all knit with these super long needles. They tuck one under their arm and knit with the other, it weird but whatever gets the job done right.

Its a great view

Carl teased me for bringing an umbrella. It was raining when we left the city but it turned out to be a beautiful day. He thought it would be cute to use my now useless umbrella as a parasol. He does have fair skin, we don't want to burn it. What a kook!

The table was set when we got there and the bird was already in the oven...and covered in bacon yum yum.

All the Nealon women started to cook. I tried to help but every time I asked them what I could do they said no no no. So I knit, enjoyed all the yummy cooking smells and took pictures. Here they all are together cooking away.

Of course while they were cooking Carl's nephew was running around and have a great time with his uncle. I was very happy when I saw he was wearing a Jeter shirt. He's uncle, the Mets fan, was a little upset. I think I know what Carl's getting Albert for Christmas.

He kept climbing into the chair and "transforming" into different evil characters. We don't know what his fascination with evil things was all about but he's a 5 year old boy so I guess no explanation is really needed. Needless to say no one could sit in that chair but him.

After a wonderful dinner we had a little too much fun with this odd modern lamp. Doesn't it look like Matt's at the hair dressers. Oh I think we had too much wine.

I was a great Faux-Thanksgiving. I can't wait for the real one. And maybe by then I'll have a new pair of socks!


soknitpicky said...

Looks like good times! I like the idea of bacon on a bird. Yum! Congrats on your first sock, BTW

La Cabeza Grande said...

Ah, the joy of your very first sock! My toe graft was wonky, too, but it really does get better the second time around.

Love the hairdresser shot. V. cute! And those long needles? That's the old European way.

ekgheiy said...

Yay!!! Congratulations :) Onward to the second sock.

Looks like you have a stellar weekend! Pass some of those vibes my way ... ;)

Code Purl said...

Congrats on your first sock. I just finished a sock (although not my first), cast on for the second one then put it down after one row. I know if I start knitting I'll get into it but it's nice to rest on your laurels for a little while even it means having one naked foot!