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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Turkey Turkey

Good morning friends! I know its very early for me, especially on a Saturday but we have to catch an early bus out to Carl's mom's house in Southold, LI. Its a long bus ride and a reasonably far walk in the rain so we're up. Since we both have a difficult time figuring out what to do at holiday time (thanks to divorce) Carl's mom's side is doing thanksgiving today so that everyone can be present. I think its a wonderful idea, I just might need some sleep and drying off before I can even think of cooking or being festive.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I thought I'd start a list of what I'm thankful for:

  1. Carl - how he puts up with me I will never know but I'm thankful I have him in my life and I just love him to bits
  2. My parents. It really is awful that they got divorced but they're both happier now and well I have both my parents and wouldn't know what to do without them.
  3. My big brother. He's saved me from bullies, scared away the bad guys and taken care of me for 24 years. He's also sat on me and farted in my face, hit me with the whole "stop hitting yourself" game and generally annoyed me over the past 24 years. BUT he's my brother and I love him. And thank go the sitting on me and farting has stopped.
  4. And I'm thankful for knitting. It calms me down and keeps me sane in this nutty world we all live in.
I just notice that Carl is done packing. I guess I should do that too.

Happy weekend! I hope to finish my sock on the way out there!


NH Knitting Mama said...

Well, you get to do turkey day twice. That is something to be thankful for in my book! ha ha...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving #1!

soknitpicky said...

What a nice list! (I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has had someone fart on my face!)

Girl Meets Needle said...

Honestly, sometimes knitting is really one of the only things that can keep my brain focussed on the good side. For me it's all about watching the colors pop up in all sorts of interesting patterns. Very relaxing and helps me forget my troubles (other than a few dropped stitchs) for a few hours, ya know?

So glad I'm not the only one who's thankful for knitting!

Alyssa said...

I think many of us are thankful for knitting and I think we should shout out how thankful we are!!

Code Purl said...

I can relate as my parents recently got divorced too and it can be hard with the holidays deciding who goes where. I'm glad you got it all worked out. Thank god for knitting for keeping us sane during all the crazy times.