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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Afterthoughts

So after looking at all the pictures my "friends" on facebook have posted I have realized that even out of college you're supposed to dress up like a modified hooker on Halloween...a themed hooker if you would. So I have decided that the pumpkin I knitted last night will henceforth be known as the Pimpkin! It will rule over all those who dress sluttly on Halloween!
College is over, stop dressing like you're a street walker...
Sorry, I know this is the "meaniest" post I've had so far but I've been drinking and the whorishness annoys me so I'm venting. I just know that the next thing I'm going to hear is how some guy said something or insinuated something you didn't want while you were dressed like a sluttly powerpuff girl. Come on. Cover yourself up and men won't treat you like a whore. Simple as that.
I apologize if I have offended anyone I just needed to get it out.


ekgheiy said...

Right on!! Let it out girl! I get irritated by the slutty dress code some women follow even when it's *not* Halloween. You said it best, "Cover yourself up!". The bad thing about it is that it appears that some women like that kind of lecherous attention; otherwise, I would think they'd stop dressing with so little fabric? :\

Code Purl said...

I totally agreee with you; no need to apologize. Why does every woman's adult costume have to be the slutty nurse or the slutty cop? When we were kids you just dressed up like someone else or had some original idea. I like the Pimpkin idea though. LOL!