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Monday, November 12, 2007

I am a Creative Genius!

My best friend (and ex romantic interest from college) and I were discussing my new socks. I said I needed to make it a mate. He said it would have one and I joked that he would find a mate too. Obviously my best friend is single and a little unhappy about it. Somehow this led us to jokingly discuss how I would knit him a girl if I could. And then it just started to get very weird. How strange would it be if I were knitting a version of him or he was knitting a girl version of him (he’s trying to find the female Rob) and it hit me…some one could write a book/movie/play about this. With hints of Frankenstein and maybe that wonderful 80’s classic Mannequin…you know with the right cast this could be amazing! Sometimes I’m just brilliant!

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Cass said...

So crazy it