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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Seriously out of titles

So tonight was "What not to knit" night with the knitting group. It was funny. And its great to learn that even experienced knitters can make some really messed up projects sometimes. I showed off my hideous scarf which was my first ever project. I'll post picture later and trust me it is hideous. I finished the cuff of my second sock but forgot the pattern at home so I didn't know what to do next so I had to run out early so I could get back to my sock. So what I also learned tonight is that its just awful having to sit somewhere where everyone you know is happily knitting away and you're not. So to ease my pain I'm going to try to not watch the end of iRobot with Carl since this is the crap he watch when I'm not home and I'm going to move onto my heel flap. Wish my luck! Its getting colder and I need to make a pair.
Oh and when Jen posts the pics from tonight I'll try to steal a few (if that's OK with Jen) so you can all see our mistakes.

UPDATE: Check out the pics its just a sample of what we brought. I didn't want to put them all up since I'm not sure everyone wants their pic up on the internet for the world to see.

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Code Purl said...

Sorry you didn't have your pattern and had to leave. That's the trouble with socks. You're happily knitting away without the pattern around and all of a sudden you get to the heel and you're like 'oh sh-t' what do i do now? Anyway, I'll prob put the pics up tomorrow. I'm pretty tired right now. You're free to post them. I thought it was an interesting exercise. Most of the stuff wasn't knitting disasters, more like fit or planning issues that we could all learn from.