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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Busy Busy Saturday

I had to run home to the burbs this morning to take care of some finances and pay my taxes and things like that. But because I’m well a crazy knitter crafter freak I could go to the burbs without a trip to AC Moore. Before we went to the Moore though we stopped at the local quilting store because my mother is a crazy quilter crafter and I picked up a few fabrics. I picked up four that I do not have pictures of because I left them at home with my mom so she could make me two bags, one for my knitting (or course) and one for fun. I can’t wait till she finishes them but knowing my mom that could take a while. She’s been making two pillow cases for me for the last…um…4 months maybe but they’ll be finished one of these days. But I also picked up a few more, check them out.

This will be used as lining for this clutch I’m making with the claspy thing I got with the February issue of Simply Knitting. So I will basically be making a large coin purse out of this new yarn.

I know I said I wasn’t buying anymore yarn but this was a sale and it was perfect for the lining. I’m going to double strand it and knit the purse up following the pattern that came with the clasp on I think size 7 needles. The yarn is some weird almost no name brand I just found in the sale bin but I really liked it so I picked it up.

I also picked up 2 yards each of these fabrics not that I have any plans for them I just liked them. I’m compiling a large collection of fabrics I picked up just because they were pretty.

I love the last one. It’s so different and pretty.

I also got an early Easter present from mom. Isn’t the little sheep cute?? He baas when you squeeze him!

I’m supposed to be on my way to Irving Plaza right now to see Yellow Card with our friends BUT I went and got myself sick so I have been forced to stay home and sneeze and ache and generally just be gross. I just hope Carl doesn’t come home too drunk or too late. If does though I have some nighttime Tylenol cold so I shouldn’t hear anything. It’s been a long day though so it will be nice to relax a bit. I didn’t get to see Carl that much today but luckily he’s not working tomorrow so I get him for the whole day. I’m excited for our first Friday together in a long time. Ok sneezing getting started…must stop but have a great night and have a drink for me.


soknitpicky said...

What a cool yarn you found! And I love the fabrics, especially the Japanese women one. Sorry you're sick--hopefully it's not what the guy in the restaurant had. Rest up!

Code Purl said...

Those fabrics are really pretty. I'm always tempted to buy stuff like that but I know I have nothing to do with them so I buy yarn instead ;-)

Feel better soon!