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Saturday, March 29, 2008


I was reading Ysolda’s blog this morning and she has a wonderful interview with Emily Johnson of The Family Trunk Project. I’m so happy that Ysolda did this interview because I may never have discovered this wonderful project. I love history especially the personal histories of friends, family members and even strangers. I’ve always wanted to track down more information on my family members and learn more about where I come from because I truly believe that all those people that came before you have helped to shape who you are regardless of whether you ever even met them. Each person shapes and touches the next and that person shapes and touches the next and so on through generations. It just seems like such a wonderful journey to not only explore your family but create a garment that reflects the spirit of each of those people. I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea.

Maybe this will push me to explore my own family tree. I’ve always wanted to but I come from one of those waspy family where you “just don’t talk about it” so finding out about people in the past is near impossible. But maybe if I push just a little bit they will open up and share some stories with me. I’m no longer a kid so I can handle whatever they’re hiding in their wasp-closet.

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