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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ah Dreams...

I’m starting to become a human again. The pressure is easing up and I’ve stopped spontaneously tearing which is always a plus. Thank goodness for Good Friday because that’s the only way I will get a day off to rest this week. Things are super busy at work and I do not have the luxury, at the moment, to take a sick day.

Last night my hairdresser stopped by to cut my hair and I found out that my mother likes to chat to him about my knitting. He was all excited to see this “thing” I was making with bamboo yarn. He was so amazed with the yarn and its texture. He kept telling me to start my own business and that I should get people to help me knit. He was telling me about this lady back in Japan (he’s Japanese) that used make custom pieces and sell them for lots of money and how that’s what I should do. I didn’t have the heart to tell him (ok fine the complaints felt AMAZING) that I’ve never even made a sweater let alone designed my own garment. But maybe one day I can have little knitters knitting up my designs. It sure would be nice to have my job be something I love instead of something I don’t hate most of the time. Ah…dreams…

Speaking of the bamboo thing here is a look at where I am. Its slow going but going I hope it will be done soon.

I’ve also been working on a clutch. The February issue of Simply Knitting came with a handbag clasp and a simple pattern to follow (I know I told you this already but don't judge me, I'm telling you again). I decided to take a break for a day or two from the skirt (why it’s so slow going) and its knitting up very quickly. I love it.

Anyway, I’ve been noticing a lot of blog/ravelry chatter about this Malabrigo yarn. What is this stuff? Why is everyone talking about it? What makes it so amazing? Someone please let me in on the secret!!!!

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Jo said...

Wait, are you serious about the Malabrigo? Unbelievable. It is SUPER SUPER soft wool, kettle-dyed. Gorgeous colors. It's a worsted weight, so it's very versatile. It does have a bad tendency to pill. Overall, though, it's gorgeous stuff. You should definitely try it!