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Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Ribbed Hat

Last night BFG came over for dinner and a hat fitting. Somehow I ran out of yarn even though I made the same hat for Carl with the same yarn and only needed one ball. Luckily I had another ball in a similar colorway just a little darker. In the end I like the effect. Dinner was lovely but Carl can’t have curry anymore since his stomach thing a few months ago. He had to stay home sick today because of our dinner. BFG and I are fine which at least means I’m not a bad cook.

BFG doing the dishes in his new hat. He’s single ladies if you want him!

Carl modeling the hat because I didn’t want to disturb BFG while he did the dishes.

I went to a different knitting group tonight and it was nice. There were a few crossovers from my Upper Eastside Knitters group which was nice. At least I knew someone there. I had a great time. Everyone was nice and there were great conversations to be had. The dynamic is a little different, but that’s expected. I think the members of this group are a little more experienced then most the people in UES group which changes the knitting conversation a little. Overall I’m happy that I branched out and met more people. I think I’m going to attend more meetups with this group as well.

What I loved about tonight was that we had a little circle of young knitters and in another corner there was a little circle of older knitters. It was funny, at least to me. I think we should have joined circles. I’m sure we all could have learned a lot from each other, maybe next time.

Anyway back to taking care of Carl. I hate when he’s sick.


NH Knitting Mama said...

When men are sick it's awful.

Gnat said...

I agree they are horrible when they are sick. I hope he gets better soon.

The hat looks great.