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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Knee Britches

MMM Anthony Andrews in the knee britches is just yummy. I decided to pull out the 1982 version of The Scarlet Pimpernel today. I’ve been reading Lauren Willig’s books on the Pink Carnation and other fictional English spies during and after the French Revolution and I thought it would be nice to see the movie that started my obsession with this particular literary theme.

This was the best britches shot I could find of him in the movie (the one in the foreground). Jane Seymour is pretty stunning too.

I seriously used to dream about this man when I was a little girl. He was everything I thought I man should be. Fit, smart, brave, good with a sword (there is a shocking lack of duels these day!!) and above all else a romantic. Ah fantasies they do make coping with the real world rather difficult sometimes.

I must pull myself away from all this romantic dreaming. I have about 2 hours left to work on the skirt before Carl comes home and I have to start dinner (yummy chicken curry if you must know) and then BFG comes over for winescream, tv and a hat fitting. Busy day!

Oh and my knit pick options are pissing me off. The cables are falling apart. The metal join at the end keeps falling off. I now have three or four useless cables. I’m not happy about this. I’m going to send them an email.


Missy said...

Call Knit Picks instead. They respond faster that way. Explain to them and they will send out replacements right away.

Gnat said...

I've heard Knit Picks is great at replacing them. I just ordered mine so I have no experience yet. :)

I think we should bring back the knee britches. heheh

soknitpicky said...

I'm in the minority, but I never did have any success with the Options (mine kept unscrewing). I know I need to call them--just seems like it's more trouble than it's worth since I only have 1 set of tips and 2 cables, but I need to give it a try.