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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MCY Drama

Like so many of you, I’ve been following the MCY drama on Ravelry. It’s a little absurd what this person has done. I left a comment on the blog Knit and Kelly was kind enough to respond to me.

It is amazing! Faked death, fake illness, all these fake emails. It's like a soap opera or something! I have a feeling that this Danielle isn't a real knitter - she wouldn't be acting such a way to her community if she was. I think she just saw a bunch of marks and went for it because knitters are so trusting. Unfortunately, after this, all independent spinners and dyers might suffer because it's made a lot of cynics out of people

It made me wonder if this Danielle person really is a knitter. Knitter on knitter crime is just not cool. We’re supposed to be supportive of each other, teach each other new techniques, help pick up a dropped stitch and NEVER cheat each other. I just find this whole incident very sad indeed and I hope if comes to an end very soon. Stop the knitter hate!!

Wow I've been posting a lot today.


shula said...

I appear to have missed something.

soknitpicky said...

I was oblivious to this till I read your post yesterday. I was sick and had nothing better to do, so I read as much as I could tolerate. It's quite something, isn't it? Just goes to show there are no utopias, not even virtual knitting one :-(