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Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend in the Jers Recap

I had a wonderful weekend with my friend Meg. She was very excited when I gave her the yarn and needles I bought. She didn’t remember how to knit but she soon got the hand of it. Saturday morning we woke up early and I tried to show her how to cast on but that wasn’t working so well so I just cast on for her so she could get to the knitting. She got a lot done while I was there and I even got the chance to show her how to add a new ball. I left before I could show her how to bind off but she’s going to come up in a few weeks so I can show her.

Isn’t it pretty yarn? Love how the different textures make stripes of nubby, eyelash and ribbon.

And here she is knitting away! I’ve brought another lost lamb back to the flock!

Friday night we were hanging out at her place with a few friends. This one guy, Joe, who works with Meg was so fascinate with my knitting. I kept looking over and he’d be staring. He said he just couldn’t help listening to the sound of my needles. It’s amazing how knitting can relax not just the knitter but those around the knitter.

Saturday night the power went out so I couldn’t knit so we went out to dinner and to a local bar. I met a few other people she works with and he a great time.

Meg made me wonderful breakfasts and generally spoiled me. It was a wonderful weekend! I miss having her around. I’m trying desperately to get her to move to New York.

Yummy bacon…she really does spoil me.

I’ve been working away at my skirt but with the stitch count at 780 its slow going. I have about 12 inches done and I have finally started a new stitch pattern which is exciting. The cable is break again which is infuriating. I have to call knit picks and get these replaced. This is just getting ridiculous. I will post pictures soon of my progress. I really like how the skirt is turning out despite the cable issues.


Queen of the froggers said...

What a great time you had! I hope you get the knit picks needles sorted out.

Code Purl said...

What a fun girly weekend. I just had the same thing visiting a friend in SC and it was such a nice change of pace. That green yarn was a great choice too. It looks like 2 or 3 yarns in one.