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Thursday, March 13, 2008


I realized I never came back and let you all know which knitty patterns I liked from this new issue. I know you all must have been waiting with bated breath…haven’t you? Well I’m not as thrilled with this issue as I have been in the past BUT I did really enjoy the article about loving your stash by Tara Jon Manning. It really got me thinking about my own stash. I don’t think its as big as others might have but I do have that stash guilt. This guilt has started to get the better of me and because of this I have decided to set some goals for myself this year.

  1. I would like to work through most my stash. Really this is because I want to make a dent in what I have so I can fill it all up again when I go to Rhinebeck this year.

  2. I want to finally make a sweater. I have the pattern and yarn for the flair jacket I have been talking about for what seems like months BUT I also have all kinds of other yarn and its time that I put it to use to make a sweater or cardi or vest…SOMETHING. So to aid in this endeavour I have purchased Ann Budd’s book The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns so that maybe, just maybe, I can design my own.

  3. I want to finally work out all the knots in the yarn I bought to make the Doctor’s Bag from Knit-2-Together. I bought this wonderful alpaca yarn when I was in Rhinebeck this past year and I never cast on for the bag because the second skein got all tangled when I had it on the swift and I was too frustrated to ever get all the knots out. Some of the girls in my knitting group have jokingly suggested bring the mess in and they could all take turns getting the knots out. I’m going to warn you all now, I might just being do thing.

  4. I need to finish my ocean toes so that I can fall in love with socks again. Maybe after the flair jacket.

  5. Finish the scarf I started for Carl about a year ago. There is nothing complicated about it I just got bored and stopped knitting it. It happens.

  6. Finally, I'd like to complete a felt project. The challenge in this is really finding a washer in which to felt. I’m keeping my eye out for top loading washers!

For now I think this little plan should keep me busy for most of the year. And now that my goals are laid out I should really get back to my puffball skirt so I can move on and complete a few more things.

Happy knitting…thank goodness its almost Friday!


soknitpicky said...

Those are good goals :-) As for the felting, I felt in the dryer. That's because I have a front loading washer at home and it just doesn't felt things. I get the thing to be felted really wet, put it in a huge pillowcase that I tie the end of, and put it in the dryer on medium. I check on it every so often till it's the way that I want. If it's too dry but not the size I want, yet I just get it wet again and continue.

soknitpicky said...

I should clarify that I never let the thing get completely dry in the dryer--otherwise it would take on a weird shape from however it's positioned in that pillowcase. Once it's the size I want, I take it out while it's still very damp and either lay it out or use something to block it into the needed shape, and then let it air dry