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Friday, March 7, 2008

Girly Weekend

I’m off to New Jersey this weekend. That doesn’t sound very fun or romantic or interesting BUT I’m going down to Princeton to see an old college friend that I haven’t seen in a while. She’s the closet thing I have to a sister and I haven’t seen her in a long time. I miss her terribly. I’m looking forward to a weekend filled with girly things like girly movies, no sports, wine not beer, playing with makeup and all the other things I never get to do because I’m just not that girly and all my friends tend to be men.

I’m most excited about knitting with her. We learned to knit at the same time. We were each taught by our mothers during college. We were sisters in yarns! We knit together or at least what was an attempt at knitting. We both loved it but I think she got distracted over the years whereas I became obsessed which is painfully obvious when you consider the fact that I blog about knitting and she maybe has some yarn in her apartment.

So to encourage her to knit again I have purchased 3 balls of Trendsetter’s Pandora in Olive, see the above picture that I stole from their website (sorry don’t hate me Trendsetters, I love the yarn!). They had a sample of it knitted up in garter stitch and it looked fabulous! I figured why have her knit something boring because she only knows how to knit when I could get her just the right yarn to make something extraordinary! I really can’t wait to get her cast-on and on her way to beautiful new scarf. I’m bring her back to the fold, wish me luck!

Talk to you all again on Sunday!

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